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Our Pilates program has been created by a master teacher, is driven by results, and is accessible and challenging for all bodies. At J.L. Body Conditioning, we strive to bring attentive, caring, and sage Pilates instruction to each individual that comes to the studio. Our environment is designed to promote a feeling of welcome and care, a deepening of body awareness, and mutual respect among all who work with us.

What People are Saying

As one who has exercised all my life, I can truthfully say that JL Body Conditioning method has improved the shape of my body, and posture, more than anything else I’ve done thus far.
Jenny Craig
“The spirit lives on” at J.L. Body Conditioning with Carol Mead, Julian Littleford’s long time wife and partner before that with the Martha Graham Dance Company.  With the help of Julian’s teaching “angels,” Carol and her team have continued the energy and discipline in the studio as it always has been. After 30 years of practicing Pilates, the last 7 at JLBC, I’m amazed by how thorough and creative the studio remains for each workout.
Van Mankwitz, San Diego
Having been involved in cross training and the multi-sport lifestyle for the past decade, I can honestly say that Julian’s form of exercise represents a complete and balanced activity, with the perfect mix of strength, endurance and flexibility training.
Paula Newby-Fraser, 7-Time winner, Hawaiian Ironman Triathalon
If I could prescribe a single method of exercise to build core strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance, it would be Pilates. This unique discipline cultivates precision, concentration, and control, and has ultimately helped me to become in-tune with my body. Expertly taught routines by instructors who were all trained by Julian himself, is the reason JL Body Conditioning remains the Gold Standard among studios that teach the authentic Pilates method.
Ladan Farhoomand, M.D.
Over the 12+ years that I have been studying Pilates, I am constantly reminded that not all Pilates studios are created equal. Good trainers have to have an intimate understanding of the body and an eagle eye for the correct technique. From my experience of doing Pilates at many studios in many countries around the world, JL Body Conditioning is a unique facility. What could be better than having fun while doing the perfect exercise?
Peter JuppSan Diego, CA
After three months of Pilates twice a week at JL Body Conditioning, I feel ten years younger. My back never hurts, the IT band injury that prevented me from training for a half marathon is no longer an issue, and my left shoulder, shattered in an accident several years ago, is much more limber and almost pain free.
Barbara KellySan Diego, CA
I have improved strength and flexibility on a steady and sustained basis, and chronic knee pain and back discomfort have disappeared. I worked with personal trainers in the past but did not accomplish the results achieved by JL Body Conditioning staff. Significant improvements are virtually inevitable. And the environment is cheerful and supportive.
Jim EckmannSan Diego, CA
By working with JL Body Conditioning I was able to strengthen the muscles and heal the injuries that all other weight training, ab programs, physical therapy and medical treatments could not accomplish.
#41 Sterling Hitchcock, Former Padres Pitcher


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