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Our Pilates program has been created by a master teacher, is driven by results, and is accessible and challenging for all bodies. At J.L. Body Conditioning, we strive to bring attentive, caring and safe Pilates instruction to each individual that comes to the studio. Our environment is designed to promote a feeling of welcome and care, a deepening of body awareness, and mutual respect among all who work with us.


Danielle and David Sardi are happy and proud to be the new owners of JLBC! We look forward to reconnecting with all of you faithful clients and...
May Update
Take Each Day As It Comes As I try to balance the studio and family, I find that some deadlines are more flexible than others; and that monthly...
April Update
Spring has Sprung! We are moving forward with the latest routine, our new payment options and we just re-launched our website with an updated...

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